Photo by Olga Mironova on Pexels.com
Photo by Olga Mironova on Pexels.com

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  • It’s A Girl!
    Well, it’s official! We’re going to be a family with two little girls, three if you count the dog. Baby #2 is a little girl and we are so excited. Surprised, but excited. Let me explain.  Through this whole pregnancy I have been so sure I was having a boy. I felt so different fromContinue reading “It’s A Girl!”
  • Camping With a Toddler
    As many of you know I was recently converted to being a camper.  That is, a trailer camper.  Meaning I still need A/C when it’s hot, a heated mattress when it’s cold and somewhere to pee that doesn’t involve squatting up against a tree. At the end of last year we purchased our very ownContinue reading “Camping With a Toddler”
  • Mom Friends
    I recently sat down at a table full of young moms (and one first time mom-to-be). The dads were all in charge of the kids which meant they were on the couch watching Cocomelon and we were trying to share our “mommy” wisdom with the new mom-to-be.  Through the conversation I came to the realizationContinue reading “Mom Friends”
  • Raising A Toddler
    There are few things in life that give you equal parts joy and frustration; one of these things is raising a toddler. Baby T is 21 months and has settled into her spunky little personality. Independence is her new favourite activity and most of the time it’s pretty adorable but sometimes it’s a whole newContinue reading “Raising A Toddler”
  • The Differences Between Pregnancy Number One and Number Two
    We’re officially twelve weeks into my second pregnancy (pause for applause). Baby #2 is now the size of a kiwi and according to my baby app is starting to develop reflexes in it’s little fingers and toes. Hopefully with this new week comes some relief from some of the symptoms I’ve been having which isContinue reading “The Differences Between Pregnancy Number One and Number Two”