Nap Time Diaries: Keeping It Positively Real

If I’m 100% honest I started today writing a blog post about Postpartum OCD; about the symptoms and how it affects me personally. But honestly, that’s not me. I know I’m allowed to write about my anxieties with it and how it gets me down but it doesn’t really help me to do that. What does help me is filling my head instead with positive thinking and focusing on what’s good in my life. Here’s a couple ways I do that.

I bought myself a gratitude journal. I know I could technically just think about three things in my head everyday that I’m grateful for but writing them down really makes me think hard about them. It’s fun to try to think of three new things everyday because in reality there is an endless list of things to be thankful for in life. Focusing on these is a great start to any morning.

Force yourself to be positive. I started having these conversations in my head where if I start thinking something negative I force myself to think more positively. For example, I asked my husband to empty the garbage before he went to work and he forgot which is normally something I’d get all pissy about and stew about all day just to be annoyed at him when he gets home. Now I try to think, he’s busy at work he probably genuinely forgot to empty it before he left. It takes less than 30 seconds to do it myself and I’m sure he’d appreciate it when he gets home and say sorry for forgetting. That’s one less bickering conversation in our lives and a happier evening for the two of us. I do it when I start getting down on myself too, repeating things like you are a good mom, you’re doing a good job, you don’t need to be so hard on yourself about the body that made and carried your amazing girl for 9 months. I like to think that if I keep up these little corrections it’ll make me have more positive happy thoughts naturally and I won’t have to do it as often.

Taking a walk. It’s surprising how just taking a 20 minute walk or doing just a little bit of exercise gets the good endorphins going and can put you in a completely different state of mind. The key I’ve found to this is doing it because it makes me feel good not because I’m punishing myself for eating something bad or feeling fat that day.

Find you some good friends. Having a good group of friends or good family that you can rely on in the good and bad is so important. Being able to sit down for a nice dinner with people and laugh your asses off at nothing at all is the best medicine.

A bracing cup of tea. It’s probably the English in me but dang a good cup of tea at the right time really hits the spot.

In conclusion, I don’t need to focus on my Postpartum OCD all the time and thinks it’s this negative thing that controls me all the time. Focusing on the positive even if I really have to force myself to do it makes a huge difference.

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