Nap Time Diaries: Two Pink Lines

I want to write about my pregnancy with Baby T before I forget the details, but let’s be honest, is it something you can ever forget? Baby T was very much planned for even 6 months in advance of even starting to try to have a baby. We were hoping if everything went well she would be born in the winter time because it was usually a quieter time at work for my husband and also because I’m not a fan of heat and humidity when I’m not pregnant so the idea of having a baby anywhere near summer was a big no from me.

So here we were in February waiting to find out if I was pregnant, the two week wait, and I remember driving myself actually crazy because I had a pretty strong feeling I was pregnant but obviously had no way of confirming until closer to my period. When I think about how I felt for these two weeks my heart honestly goes out to couples struggling with infertility who go through that two week wait month after month, sometimes for years. It’s something I had never thought about before or had anywhere close of any understanding too, and I know I still don’t because as you can tell by the fact that Baby T is in our lives, it’s not something we personally went through. Like I said, my heart goes out to people who don’t have pregnancy come as easily to them and I hope these people can eventually have their own children through other avenues.

Another interesting thing about this two week period is I honestly believe that dogs know if you’re pregnant or not. I’ll give you two examples. One is my parents 7 pound Pomeranian chihuahua, Tia. I stayed at their house at one point during this period and for a dog who normally doesn’t seem to give a crap that I’m there, she was all of the sudden very interested in my whereabouts and kept plopping herself neatly in my lap. The second is my own dog Marley the yellow lab (yes, Marley and Me is our life). That very same weekend when I returned home she also made my whereabouts her top priority and while she couldn’t curl up neatly in my lap due to the fact that she’s about 10x the size of Tia, she certainly stayed as close to me as humanly possible following me from room to room through our house. Coincidence? I think not.

Soon enough, scrambled eggs started making me nauseous, my boobs took on a new larger life and after a couple of tests taken too early still showed negative I was sure I was anything but negative. It was a Friday and we were about to head over to our good friends’ house, I had to make the choice if I was going to drink that night or not. I had already stopped drinking the last two weeks just in case I was actually pregnant. We decided to try just one more test so I could drink with a clear conscience. It was an early response test and it was the day before my expected period. I did the deed on the stick and sat waiting while my husband got ready to go for a quick gym session assuming it was also going to come back negative. Three minutes went by and slowly but surely the faded second pink line started to show ever so slightly. I thought my eyes were just seeing things so I picked it up and squinted at it. Then I called my husband over for a second opinion to which he said “no way” (a happy no way obviously). Of course there was happy tears and hugging and a skipped gym session, two more test including the digital one that actually spells out the word PREGNANT, and a night of dodging questions about my not drinking as we wanted to tell both of our parents first.

In the moment, I wanted to take a mental picture of the time we found out I was pregnant. It was one of the most exciting but also most terrifying moments of my life. I started thinking about what kind of parents we would be, how our child would grow up and I was sure I could feel it growing inside of me. It was a really magical time in our lives and I’m sure I’ll remember that mental picture forever. Now, about the pregnancy… we’ll get to that later.

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