Nap Time Diaries: When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

At the start of pregnancy, you like to think you’re glowing; like if someone looked at you they could just tell from the look on your face that you have a tiny little something growing inside you. You think your belly is sticking out a little but it’s still hiding the secret. Your boobs might grow, a lot. Then you start getting the tinge of nausea and it grows and grows. The tinge becomes nausea so strong you think you can smell colours. Foods that were usually your favourite are rejected immediately (bye salmon) and all you want to do is sleep. As Dwight Schrute says, “If she eats something the fetus doesn’t like, she is screwed. It’s amazing: a three ounce fetus is calling the shots. It’s so bad ass.” Bad ass isn’t exactly the words I would use…

When I was 4 months pregnant we went to Portugal and thanks to some prescription morning sickness medication I managed to make it there and back in one piece despite the abundance of fish that is served there. I will say though, Porto is beautiful, but it also seems to be an uphill walk no matter where you go and what direction your going. Around this time you’re starting to feel heavier, your knees and feet are adjusting to your increasing weight and walking uphill both ways is EXHAUSTING. Also, you have to pay for public washrooms. When you’re pregnant you can spend a lot of money trying to go pee. Thankfully the second half of our trip was in the south where there was a beautiful beach… down a hill. All in all, still a great family trip that I will talk about more in my travel series.

A few weeks after we got home we had a gender reveal shower. With our close friends and family we popped a black balloon of pink confetti over our heads. Shortly after that my legs and feet started swelling, sciatic pain was a new thing and Baby T dropped lower and lower making walking normal a thing of the past. As we got closer to her due date in November I ran out of shoes that fit so I settled on a pair of black flats in a size higher than my normal shoes size. May those shoes now RIP. Maternity leave started and I got to spend a lot of time relaxing in bed and getting things ready for her arrival. The last few weeks were very uncomfortable, swollen and walking around the house in the middle of the night became my new hobby.

Then, November 8th, two days early, Baby T made her way into the world (in good time for a first baby might I add). The “birth plan” or should I say “birth goals” (because births rarely go according to plan) actually were all met. Laughing gas is a beautiful thing. As soon as that girl was in my arms snuggling into my chest, the last nine months, the swelling, the one pair of shoes I could still wear, the sciatic pain, the lack of sleep (before and after she arrived) became distant thoughts. That new baby suddenly consumes all your thoughts and continues to do that everyday after. I once read something that having a child is like having your heart walking around outside of your body and that’s probably the truest thing about being a parent. Taking care of yourself becomes the last thing you think about but the cuddles and smiles and endless kisses makes every single thing so worth it.

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