Nap Time Diaries: Let’s Start at the Beginning

How does someone start a blog? That’s actually what I typed into google today. I’ve read some blogs. I’ve also watched tons of vlogs in YouTube (maybe I’ll write about my favourite?) but I’m one of those people who tends to make more funny faces at the selfie camera that nice ones. I still haven’t found the answers but I thought I should start writing anyway and figure it out later.

To start, my name is Evie. I’m 27 and a new mom to a little baby girl. For the sake of privacy we will call her Baby T. I’ve always loved writing, specifically fiction when I was younger, but I haven’t written anything in a long time and find I’m missing it. I used to write some pretty good stories when I was in school and I always thought I’d end up writing a full book. My favourite one was the closest I ever got, a book about a girl who was a secret musketeer who was avenging the death of her father and brothers. It was exciting, you know, for a 14 year old girl who was writing it. Side note, my husband just asked me what a musketeer is…. please tell me I’m not the only one who has seen every musketeer movie made? I still have the book but it’s unfinished. I did imagine the whole storyline in my head and remember the big finale I had planned but as a new mom finishing a story you started when you were 14 isn’t on the top of a to do list.

The point of this blog is to have a way to get all the fun thoughts out, hopefully whoever reads it will think they’re fun too. Life as a new mom especially during Covid 19 (we will talk about that later) has had a lot of its own challenges, including being diagnosed with Postpartum OCD (we will also talk about that later). I don’t want to write complaints and down thoughts all the time, it is good to share them with you to a point but it’s also important to share positivity. It’s called balance. As for the name, Baby T can be quite the needy little bean so this is currently being written during her nap. Need I say more? So, this blog will include a little bit of everything. Maybe a new book I’ve read, somewhere we visited, a new recipe I found for Baby T or some other funny tidbits I feel like getting out. We’ll see how this goes and how long it lasts. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Oh wait, that’s YouTube.