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Well, Hi There!

It’s been a while. Having two kids will do that to you. The last time we spoke I was pregnant with my second baby, but still didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl, although I was certain I was having a boy.  Spoiler alert, we had another girl!  Even though itContinue reading “Well, Hi There!”

Becoming a Mom Changes You

Becoming a mom changes you.  Sure, your body changes sometimes beyond recognition. It feels like it’s no longer yours but belongs to your kids for comfort and transportation.  And sure, you have new fears and anxieties that you never even knew existed. You constantly worry about the safety of little pieces of yourself running aroundContinue reading “Becoming a Mom Changes You”

Pregnancy in a Pandemic

There are a number of things that make pregnancy in a pandemic a bit different and unique.  And until you’ve experienced it versus a normal pregnancy you don’t realize just how much it affects you.  For our first pregnancy my husband came to every single doctor/midwife appointment and ultrasound. He was so excited and didn’tContinue reading “Pregnancy in a Pandemic”


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