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Pregnancy in a Pandemic

There are a number of things that make pregnancy in a pandemic a bit different and unique.  And until you’ve experienced it versus a normal pregnancy you don’t realize just how much it affects you.  For our first pregnancy my husband came to every single doctor/midwife appointment and ultrasound. He was so excited and didn’tContinue reading “Pregnancy in a Pandemic”

It’s A Girl!

Well, it’s official! We’re going to be a family with two little girls, three if you count the dog. Baby #2 is a little girl and we are so excited. Surprised, but excited. Let me explain.  Through this whole pregnancy I have been so sure I was having a boy. I felt so different fromContinue reading “It’s A Girl!”

Camping With a Toddler

As many of you know I was recently converted to being a camper.  That is, a trailer camper.  Meaning I still need A/C when it’s hot, a heated mattress when it’s cold and somewhere to pee that doesn’t involve squatting up against a tree. At the end of last year we purchased our very ownContinue reading “Camping With a Toddler”


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