Affordable Fixes: Back to Work Fashion

Speaking of The Mom Bod, when I was getting ready to go back to work I realized that a lot of my shirts and pants that I would wear to work didn’t fit anymore. I also realized that my style had changed a little bit and I was in need of some new work outfits. Thankfully, my work adjusted the dress policy to allow jeans (as long as they still look professional), so I started the hunt for some good deals on outfits that would be comfortable, fit my style and most important, be practical. Here a few different outfits I came up with, some include new pieces and some are my pieces that I’ve had for years (they’re just that timeless). I’ll include where I bought my new items but just a heads up in case you were wondering I am not sponsored by any of these stores, I wish I was! I will include links when possible. 

Affordable Fix #1

H&M had some amazing blouses that are very flattering, they were only $14.99 and I may have bought more than one. I purchased the black and cream pattern shirt as well as a khaki green (link can be found here). I paired it with my American Eagle Jeans that I actually got at a local second hand store after having Baby T. The belt is also from H&M and was $12.99 and I’ve worn it over the shirt to taper in the waist and also just on my jeans with the front of the blouse tucked in. It doesn’t look like it’s available on the website anymore but here is a link to their belts, they still have a great selection. For shoes I would wear my brown leather riding boots that I actually got on sale at The Bay a few years ago. They weren’t exactly what I would call an affordable fix to be honest but boots are something I like to spend a little bit more money on because they last a lot longer and save me money in the long run. The last pair of brown leather boots I bought from there lasted me about seven years and this pair is going on year 3! This outfit matches up great with my work bag that I use everyday that was a very affordable fix because it was from my mother and it was free (thanks again mom!). 

Affordable Fix #2

Outfit number two is a little bit fancier, it involves a little black dress that was a hand me down from my cousin in England. Obviously I don’t have the link to this dress, but here’s some similar LBDs I found that would work just as well! I paired this with a pair of black tights (off of Amazon) and a pair of black leather high heeled ankle boots that I got on sale at Call It Spring. Depending on what LBD you choose you could always do a statement necklace or earrings and of course a great purse. 

These are just two of the outfits I put together (and took pictures of), but as you can tell the majority of comfortable affordable clothes I buy are from H&M and the rest are on sale or second hand. Don’t be scared to look for hand me downs or secondhand stores, a lot of the time I find things that have never been worn and still have the price tag! Especially after you’ve just had a baby and you’re not sure how your body is going to end up a year down the road you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a whole new wardrobe. 

I hope you enjoyed my first Affordable Fixes blog, I know I’m not a fashion model by any means but I always love finding good deals on fashion and home decor and I’m happy to share them!