Becoming a Mom Changes You

Becoming a mom changes you. 

Sure, your body changes sometimes beyond recognition. It feels like it’s no longer yours but belongs to your kids for comfort and transportation. 

And sure, you have new fears and anxieties that you never even knew existed. You constantly worry about the safety of little pieces of yourself running around and also worry if you’re ever doing enough for them. 

But you also change in the best way. 

You become stronger and braver by sticking up for what’s best for your kids. 

You find patience you never knew you had to give them a chance to learn on their own. 

You have a new kind of love for something that you never imagined could be so strong and bring you so much joy. 

You’ll never be the same again, but deep down you know you’re more than you ever thought you’d become. 

I wrote this recently thinking about how for the first year after becoming a mother I just felt like so much in my life had changed and at times I only had negative feelings about it. But once I settled in to this new identity as a mom I realized that it’s a part of life to grow and to change. We are never the same person we were 10-15 years ago, we’re constantly changing and learning. 

When you become a mom you change and learn so quickly and take on this caregiver role that a lot of us have never had to have before. The most responsibility I had before having kids was a dog and after having kids these little lives become your responsibility. It can be very overwhelming, but when you really think about the qualities you’re developing as a parent they’re all great qualities to have. 

I am not typically considered a patient person, but not that long ago I turned to my husband and said “I don’t know where this patience with our daughter comes from” (she’s two so if you know you know). His response was, “It didn’t come from anywhere, you’re just a good mom”. 

As moms we’re so quick to focus on our own negative traits that we’ve developed as parents, but for the negative traits there are also a ton of positive traits (most likely more). If you take a minute to think of these changes and new traits as a positive thing you might realize you’re doing a lot better than you thought. You may be becoming a person that is so much more than you ever believed you’d be. 

So embrace it and embrace yourself. You can still bring back some of the old you, while understanding that the new you is amazing in her own right. 

Camping With a Toddler

As many of you know I was recently converted to being a camper.  That is, a trailer camper.  Meaning I still need A/C when it’s hot, a heated mattress when it’s cold and somewhere to pee that doesn’t involve squatting up against a tree. At the end of last year we purchased our very own camper trailer. 

This year, with us not being able to travel outside of Canada, it’s been the perfect getaway to hitch up the trailer and drive to different Provincial Parks in Ontario. Everything you need is right there and there’s so much fresh air to enjoy. It’s also ridiculously easy to pack when you can take a week to do it with the trailer sitting right in your driveway. 

Some of the places we’ve been this year include Port Burwell which has nice private sites and a private beach, MacGregor Point which is a beautiful spot in Northern Ontario (also where my husband was born so obviously the place of legends), and Sandbanks in Prince Edward County which had pristine facilities and one of the best beaches I’ve been to in all of Ontario. 

It’s hard to pick favourites but I’d say MacGregor Point was the best in show for beautiful surroundings and Sandbanks had a lot to offer in the neighbouring towns such as breweries, wineries (not that I can drink wine right now anyway) and restaurants. We personally visited Kinsip Liquor Distillery, Crimson Cider Brewery, Midtown Brewery (absolute favourite because they had amazing garlic parmesan fries and wood oven pizza) and of course Slickers Ice Cream. 

The best part of camping is honestly Baby T, although she’s actually more of Toddler T.  So let’s just call her Adds which is as close to her name as I’m willing to get so I can still sleep at night with privacy. As I was saying, the best part of camping is Adds. I’m not a big fan of saying things like “living my best life”, but when we’re camping, Adds is 100% living her best life. 

She has the majority of her favourite people within walking distance 24/7; she gets to stay up a little later than usual for campfires; and most of our camping days involve sitting at her favourite place in the world, the beach. 

She legitimately couldn’t ask for anything more in life. When we get home from camping she’s her own mini version of depressed as we all start to get back to our daily routines.  We all kind of are though, so I can’t really blame her. 

We will be getting the trailer ready for winter storage this week so it will be time to say goodbye for the year. Next year will be a different story with a toddler and a baby but we’re sure it will be just as much fun, if not more so.